Top 5 New Whatsapp Tracker Apps

Whatsapp is the most efficient ways to keep in touch with loved ones . It is essential to maintain a constant web connection through whatsApp. If you’re a parent, you should be trying at your child’s WhatsApp behavior using the spy app. If you’re trying to find the most reliable, secure app which can track WhatsApp messages there’s a wide range of choices.

If you’re both in these scenarios, this is one of the top five WhatsApp online tracker applications. With these apps users will be able to quickly track any online time of any person. When your friend or child is online it will teach you the appropriate way and be able to talk with them.

1. WAStat is an application that tracks WhatsApp. WhatsApp tracker

If you are, maybe you’ll be able to find WaStat app helpful for your needs. Additionally, you will be able to view last 30 days’ data in graphs. WaStat can be the best and most reliable option in the event that Wasap online last was seen.


  1. Show online last was seen at around the time of
  2. Display up to 10 profiles.
  3. You can send notifications anytime you know that someone is online

2. Wefollow Whatsapp Online Tracker

Wefollow is a service designed for parents. It provides your child’s or spouse’s online/disconnected status over the phone. Maintain track of the child’s online time. Sleeping? Maybe you weren’t getting enough sleep? That’s all you have to be aware of!

It aids you in keeping track of your online as well as your disconnected status, and receive notifications concerning them.

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  • Get online track notifications
  • Notify Offline Track Users of Track Changes
  • Monitoring and Usage Analysis
  • Specific Activity Monitoring
  • Multi-Number Monitoring (up to 5 numbers)
  • Historical Track Log
  • Live Support


  • There isn’t an app running in the background.
  • Reduces the energy consumption of batteries.
  • Works works on All Android tablets and phones.

3. Chat Track

The ability to track the number of your choice and receive notifications and reports in detail!

Monitor Online Last Seen StatusOnline and Offline Notifications
Complete Reports
7/24 Coverage
Free Trial

4. Yansa Tracker app for Whatsapp

Yansa lets you track and monitor activity statistics on applications like the vk app, whatsapp, and telegram. You just need to create a profile in order to track statistics, and even if you’re offline and not connected to the internet, our app can be used all hours of the day!
With Our app you can connect as many as 10 vk, whatsapp and telegram accounts and see analytics for each profile, with a choice between dates as well as time intervals. Statistics are displayed for up at the minute!
It will allow you to get able receive push notifications. receive push notifications each time you are aware that one newly added profiles, viz, whatsapp or telegram profiles status is online or offline.
Our tools are compatible with vk, tg and whatsapp and profile all of the time regardless of whether or not you’re offline or not logged into the app!

5. WA Family

With this program, designed in a straightforward and sensible manner , you’ll have the ability to able use it to track the number that you’ve added in the program and even identified. The online tracking program is situated on the right side of your gadget, and is simple to use and has a number of advantages.

It is not required to open a file within WA Family. WA Family,

1-25 telephone numbers which include,

Track last seen quickly

You can give an epithet, or a name to the number you’ve created and receive an instant notification


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