The safe way to prevent mosquitoes for your family – cua luoi chong muoi

The space in your house has too many mosquitoes, so your family members are often bitten by mosquitoes. You are very worried and would like to find safe way to prevent mosquitoes for your family. Please contact hotline (0283) 884 2698 for advice.

In our surroundings there are many types of insects, especially many mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are agents that spread many dangerous diseases through the process of sucking blood from humans. Choosing safe way to prevent mosquitoes for the family is always a problem which many people encounter. In fact, there are many methods, from using natural ingredients to mosquito-killing chemicals, and there are also mosquito catchers and mosquito net door systems. Depending on the needs and conditions of each family, we choose the most appropriate and effective methods.

Mosquitoes are agents that spread many diseases through blood sucking

The danger of mosquitoes

To ensure the health of ourselves and our family members, we need to apply safe anti-mosquito methods anytime and anywhere.

Mosquitoes have always been an insect that terrifies people. When mentioning mosquitoes, people immediately think of dangerous diseases on a large scale such as malaria, dengue fever…

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, each year millions of people die from infectious diseases caused by mosquitoes. The reason is that the number of mosquitoes is too large and the infection rate is very fast, making the epidemic difficult to control.

Eliminating places where mosquitoes live is the simplest and safest way to fight mosquitoes

Where do mosquitoes to live and breed?

Mosquitoes often thrive during the rainy season. During this season, our surroundings are often humid, and rainwater will accumulate on items. Besides, there are swamps, ponds or small puddles of stagnant water everywhere. This is the most favorable condition for mosquitoes to breed and develop. Understanding this characteristic will help us have effective mosquito prevention measures, minimizing the number of mosquitoes born and growing.

Mosquitoes will lay eggs, the eggs will hatch into larvae, then develop into pupae and become an adult mosquito. Mosquitoes have a specialized stinger to penetrate human and animal skin to suck blood. In fact, mosquitoes’ normal food is tree sap and fruit, but female mosquitoes need to suck more blood to supplement protein sources for the reproductive process to lay eggs.

Safe ways to prevent mosquitoes for your family

  • The first thing to do is to destroy places that can become mosquito nests: Throw away unnecessary items that cause stagnant water, regularly change water in storage areas, and eliminate puddles of stagnant water around the living area. living
  • Regularly clear bushes and neatly trim trees around the house. Mosquitoes often appear in dense areas. When entering these areas, you need to wear protective clothing to protect your body from mosquito bites.
  • A safe way to mosquitoes is through the use of natural essential oils such as lemongrass, orange, lemon, eucalyptus, mint… Besides repelling mosquitoes, it also adds fragrance to the air in the house.
  • Use biological products to spray around living areas and indoors at dosages according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Use a mosquito catcher with lights and an electric grid or exhaust fan. This is an automatic way to eliminate mosquitoes, more improved than traditional electric rackets. Using mosquito-attracting lights combined with mosquito killing using an electric grid or exhaust fan will dry and kill the mosquitoes.
  • Installing a anti-mosquito screen door system for your home is considered a effective and safe way to prevent mosquitoes. Besides, it is safe for the health of family members.

The advantages of cua luoi chong muoi

Using cửa lưới chống muỗi is a solution chosen by many families today because of its convenience and high efficiency. With an initial cost, you can use the house for many years. If it is periodically cleaned and maintained properly, the usage time will be longer.

Installing screen doors will limit the use of mosquito-killing chemicals, ensuring health safety for everyone.

The mesh layers will actively prevent mosquitoes and other insects from entering, allowing family members to live and play with peace of mind.

The house will always have cool breezes from the surrounding environment through the windows while still being able to prevent mosquitoes from flying into the house.

Install mosquito screens for the main door of the house

If you are having problems with too many mosquitoes, you worry when family members, especially children, are bitten by mosquitoes. Please feel secure in choosing a safe way to prevent mosquitoes with cửa lưới chống muỗi Việt Thống system. Viet Thong anti-mosquito screen door company is a unit specializing in providing all types of screen doors to suit customer needs. With a team of professional and dedicated staff, we will bring your family the fastest and highest quality installation service.


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