The Explorer – Navigating The Vast Online Games Universe

Unleash your inner adventurer and don a pith helmet for this exciting slot. Packed with special features such as wild symbols and expanding sticky slot online wins, plus low-to-medium volatility for ease of smaller wins!

Online slot games come in an assortment of themes, styles and features that make finding the ideal game easier than ever before.

Bonus rounds

Players in this online slot game must line up matching symbols on the reels to win money, depending on how many matchups and their bet amounts they achieve. Each symbol possesses its own value; some even provide special functions.

This slot machine stands out as one of the few to provide a bonus round that pays out both sides of the screen, providing more immersive gameplay and increasing chances of winning. However, if gambling becomes excessive for you to handle or you feel that gambling more than you can afford is leading you down an unhealthy path, we advise stopping immediately and visiting our Responsible Gambling Page for additional guidance.


Your odds of hitting a winning symbol on a payline depend on how much you bet, since microprocessors assign different probabilities to each reel – meaning a near miss might look like a hit compared to its true chances!

Pragmatic Play’s Lion Explorer slot is an online game designed to ease the disappointment of near misses. As one of few win-both-ways slots available today, it enables you to quickly add up rewards without waiting around for one lucky spin to come around.

There are also other slots that provide multiple opportunities to win big, such as Gonzo’s Quest Megaways with its 117,649 ways of winning – such as with scatter symbols or progressive jackpots – or by making use of bonus rounds.


Playing slots involves spinning reels in hopes of aligning similar symbols on paylines. Online or casino, this outcome is determined by a random number generator (RNG). If more matching symbols line up on any particular payline, the greater will be your payout per spin.

Symbols in slot games vary significantly and can be divided into standard, scatter and bonus categories. Standard reel symbols should fit the theme of the game while scatter and bonus symbols trigger special game features; to do this you need a specific number of these symbols appearing along enabled pay lines in order to activate these features; three scatters may grant five free spins while four will activate 20 spins!


Paylines on slot machines are patterns on its reels that, when aligned correctly, can form winning combinations and earn players payouts according to each game’s paytable. Some online slots also feature jackpots which offer larger sums of money upon hitting certain combinations or using bonus symbols.

No matter your gaming style – fast or relaxing – online slots offer something to meet all preferences. Just remember to always gamble responsibly; never spend more than you can afford on gambling, and seek support if necessary from friends and family if your gambling habits get out of hand. For more information visit our Responsible Gambling Page.


Online slot games give players the opportunity to win real money, but it is essential that they gamble responsibly and set spending limits in order to avoid gambling addiction and have a safe gaming experience online.

Standard jackpots are an integral component of online casino play and can be found across most slots. Some jackpots may remain fixed while others increase each time a player makes a bet; depending on the game, jackpot sizes could reach as high as one’s stake amount.

Lion Explorer is an exceptional online slot with a progressive jackpot that grows with each spin. Furthermore, its win-both-ways feature allows players to reap rewards more quickly than traditional machines.