9 Strategies to Promote A Blog on TikTok

Social media platforms like  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are much more saturated, and now everybody’s attention is on TikTok. TikTok is one of the user-friendly platforms where any marketing and content goals can be achieved. So it is an excellent opportunity for bloggers too. Moreover, TikTok is the app with the highest engagement among the audience. However, even if you want to gain popularity for your blog on TikTok, you should try using Trollishly, which enhances your reach. 

Why Should TikTok Be Used for Blog Promotion?

Here are some significant reasons why TikTok should be used for blog promotion. Let’s get started!

1. Build Blog Awareness

Whoever writes a blog would seek that their blog should be aware of the audience. Getting a million views is not an immediate action. As TikTok has a unique algorithm, you must know the tricks to break it down. Only then would your blog reach a higher ranking on the platform. In addition, only the right content is more likely to go viral. So make a strong and unique content strategy. Remember to mention the blog links on every TikTok video you create. 

2. Connect With New Audiences

TikTok is growing faster and faster. Irrespective of the target audience, many people would use TikTok. So there are more opportunities to connect with newer audiences. Most of the TikTok users are also Gen Z, so connecting with them is a manageable task on TikTok. TikTok is being cross-promoted on different platforms too. So the reach is much higher. 

9 Strategies to Promote A Blog on TikTok

1. Mention in Your Social Profiles

When you create a profile on TikTok, you must mention your blog on TikTok. Not only on the TikTok profile but also have to say it on other social media platforms too. When people like your video, the first thing they would do is visit your profile. The first best impression comes if you keep your profile perfect. 

2. Strong Content Creation

Content is always king. No one can stop being popular even if you haven’t promoted your blog and its excellent content. The blogger’s job is to give the right voice to the content. To make strong content, you need to know your audience’s problems or obstacles. So that informative content connects as a bridge between the audience and bloggers. 

3. Participate in TikTok Challenges

Whatever your niche may be, you shall participate in TikTok trends. Even when you scroll down on the TikTok page, you may find millions of challenges trending on the platform. Most of them are unique and fun and would captivate the audience. Once you know the trending topic, spin your blog-relevant inputs on your challenges. Then, to get your blog noticed, you may buy tiktok likes and reap the benefits. 

4. Collaborate With Others

To have a higher reach, then collaborating is a great way. You shall search for other content creators on the ‘Discover page’ and contact them. You shall follow them and then like their videos or comment on them to easily collaborate. It’s always a fact that apart from creating content from a single blogger, when you collaborate, then a skyrocketed reach can be easily achieved. 

5. Use the Right Hashtags

In platforms like TikTok, hashtags are more valuable. Using the right mix of niche and common hashtags would be best. Remember to include hashtags at the end of every video you create. Maintain the relevancy as much as possible. Check that the hashtags you find relevant are also trendy. 

6. Proofread Your Writing

When you write your blog, you have to proofread your writing. Even when you include your blog on the profile or video description, you have to check once or twice whether your blogs are straightforward language, and then it is more visible. If you want to make your blogs more visible, consider using Trollishly, which boosts your online presence. 

7. TikTok Ads

If you want to gain more blog readers, try using TikTok ads. Is there ad creation for blogs? Yes, you can promote your blogs through ads. Ads are once that comes in between the videos. It is a short one that quickly captures the eyes of TikTok users. Even bloggers shall include CTA in ads so audiences can quickly get the link to visit the blogs. 

8. Get Your Audience on Live

One of the most prominent TikTok exposure is to go on TikTok Live. You shall gain meaningful connections by going on the Live content. On your Live, you have to mention your blog in words. How to go on Live? First, you have to go on to the TikTok app, and then on the record button, you need to swipe it to go on Live. Once you tap the Live button, the notifications will be sent to your followers. You may not be able to give CTA on your Live. So directly tell your audience about your blog and ensure you show the right path to reach them. 

9. Share Your Blog Content on TikTok

As TikTok has so many features, you shall share a summary of your blog content using the TikTok video features. You shall even make it more interesting by delivering your content differently. So all you have to do is learn more about TikTok and its works; only then will you make your blog build fame. 

Final Thoughts

TikTok blogging is a novel concept where all the credit goes to the original creator. The creators need to hop on to the trends that bring them popularity. Once you find your way to blogging on TikTok, make it your secret strategy to success. Start everything from scratch to know what to do and what not to do. The most significant learning comes from practice only. So do it with proper guidance. We hope the article has thrown light on TikTok blogging. We expect the article is so helpful, so kindly leave your comments below!