Precautions For Mobile Phone Charging, Especially The Super-Fast Charging User

Charging mobile phones is something we have to do every day, and how to protect the battery life of mobile phones is also a problem that has been discussed for decades. The material and technology of the battery are also constantly updated, and the matters needing attention for charging new mobile phones are also changing. So the question comes, super fast charging is becoming more and more popular, and now what do you need to pay attention to charging a new mobile phone? In this blog, we’ll discuss some precautions for mobile phone charging.

Precautions for Mobile Phone Charging

Charge as You Use It

Previously, many people believed that a charge to the mobile phone, mobile phone battery life will be less this view is now wrong. Now most fast-charging mobile phones have built-in lithium batteries because this type of battery has no memory effect, so it can be charged at any time, and will not affect the battery life. To reduce the number of charges and deliberately use up the battery and then full, this practice not only can not extend the battery life but hurts the life of the battery, so we must insist on charging as you use it.

Use Genuine Chargers

Compared with general use habits, the biggest harm to mobile phone batteries is inferior charging accessories. Excellent quality charger current is more stable, can play good protection for mobile phones and batteries. For instance, many people usually choose cheap and inferior mobile phone chargers to replace them after the original mobile phone charger cannot be used to save money. It is very dangerous behavior to use poor quality mobile phone chargers to charge, poor quality chargers do not have good safety modules, and the charging rate is not stable. The use of this charger may not only make the phone lose the fast-charging function but also appear security risks such as explosion, leakage, and so on, threatening life safety. Therefore, be sure to choose an official charger. Some people say that super-fast charging will cause damage to the battery this worry is redundant. Its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages. As long as it is a genuine charger, there is generally no problem.

Refuse to Charge Overnight

Before mobile phone charging was slow, many people developed the habit of plugging in the phone charger before going to bed at night this habit is not conducive to their safety. Night charging, once overheating and other safety problems, it is difficult to find the first time. In addition, many mobile TVS have no protective function, and long charging will cause chemical passivation and reduce battery life. In addition, many fast-charging mobile phones adopting the SuperCharge technology, such as HONOR X8a with 22.5W HONOR SuperCharge, can be used for half a day after charging for ten minutes, we can change the past use habits, there is no need to charge all night.

Super-fast Charging

Will a super-fast charge hurt the battery? Each mobile phone that supports fast charging uses a fast-charging agreement “tailored”, as long as you do not use inferior chargers, there is generally no problem.


There are many ways to protect the mobile phone battery, which is basically to control the temperature and control the amount of charging. Pay attention to the ambient temperature, there is no need to charge to 100% each time, and then use 0% to charge, which will harm the lithium battery. One sentence summary: the user can be charged, avoid overcharging, pay attention to avoid high temperatures, and use regular equipment.