How to Open Your Favorite Android Apps by Shaking your Android Phone

Shake and open application APK free download if the top remarkable application that can spare your time. in the event that you need to open something in your Android telephone you basically click on the thing or application you need to open yet with the assistance of shake and open application you simply check your Android telephone and the application with consequently open.You don’t have to click elsewhere however just with the assistance of shaking your telephone the focused on Android application will naturally open inside a second.

Shake and open application is simply mind blowing presently disclose to me something you never think about this application even you don’t have the foggiest idea about that this component is exist given me a chance to give you cause this Android application permitted by open anything in your Android telephone inside a second you simply need to shake your Android telephone.

How to Open Your Favorite Android Apps by Shaking your Android Phone?

The Potential Activities Are:

• Turn electric lamp on/off.

• Control music player: skip track, start the player and so on.

• Call a contact

• Show later utilized applications.

• Change ringer mode – ring/vibrate/quiet.

• Expand the status bar.

• Turn screen on.

• Turn 3G on/off.

• Turn Wifi on/off.

• Turn auto pivot on/off.

• Turn auto splendor on/off.

• Turn speaker on/off (during a call).

• Turn flight mode on/off.

• Turn bluetooth on/off.

• Turn GPS on/off.


  1. Control the shake sensor affectability level.
  2. The shake can work in any event, when the screen is off.
  3. You can decide to begin the application’s administration at telephone startup.
  4. Choose your preferred shake mode: straightforward, advance or expert
  5. Available vibration criticism for the shake.


At the point when you done this on the facade of your loved ones they simply appear and ask the you how you can do this then you can suggest the shape and open App free download to your loved ones in the event that they need to open anything in their Android telephones without clicking elsewhere .