How to Log out From WhatsApp On Android Phone

InternetGuard is the clench hand application that let you leave whatsapp without web network where all different applications of your devide works the equivalent with web.

Blocking Access to the Web can Help:

  1. Diminish your information use
  2. Spare your battery
  3. Increment your security
  4. Take Control Of Your Mobile Apps
  5. Easily Allow/Block App Connectivity
  6. Block foundation application movement
  7. Be Notified When New Apps Admission the Internet
  8. Block Adult Websites


  • Android firewall assurance with **NO** ROOT REQUIRED!!
  • No following or investigation
  • Actively created and bolstered
  • Android 5.1 and later bolstered
  • IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP bolstered
  • Tethering bolstered
  • Multiple gadget clients bolstered
  • Optionally permit when screen on
  • Optionally square when meandering
  • Optionally square framework applications

* Automatic dispatch of gadget startup

* Automatically distinguishes applications at present introduced on your cell phone

* Identifies and Notifies when recently introduced applications get to the Web

* Set Allow/Block, on a for respectively application idea

* Disable foundation action for chose applications

*Get full information utilization perceivability

  • Material structure subject with light and dim topic
  • Log all cordial traffic; inquiry and channel access endeavors; send out PCAP documents to break down traffic
  • Allow/square individual locations per application
  • New application warnings; design InternetGuard legitimately from the notice
  • Display system speed diagram in a status bar warning

Professional Highlights:

  • Log all cordial traffic; hunt and channel access endeavors; trade PCAP records to investigate traffic
  • Allow/square individual locations per application
  • New application notices; arrange NetGuard legitimately from the warning
  • Display system speed chart in a status bar notice
  • Select from five extra topics in together light and hazy different

It’s a deception. InternetGuard utilizes your gadget’s VPN bundle to make a firewall. As each datum lot sent or grown by your requests goes finished the VPN, all the pending and active info traffic gets qualified to InternetGuard.

The great part, be that as it may, is that InternetGuard currently accompanies its own Data Usage highlight which enables you to check information utilization for each application. To see the utilization, pick Data Usage from the home screen.