How to Improve Sound Quality On Any Android Phone

DSP Manager is free dsp app created by Timothy Liu. DSP Manager is a sound impacts and equalizer manager, like the one in Cyanogenmod 7. The most recent adaptation of this dsp, manager, cm, 7, sound, impacts, bass, boost, equalizer, utility, change, settings, upgrade application is 1.00. With 3.00/5 rating from 2 votes and 17108 downloads so far it is dsp programming worth looking at.

Improve the sound quality of your android gadget with the Bass Boost, Virtualizer and Equalizer. Make your music and video sound more than ever.

DSP Manager gives you a chance to modify sound impact levels so you get the best out of your Music, Audio or Video leaving your gadget.

Fundamental Features:

  1. Bass Boost impact
  2. Stereo encompass sound impact
  3. Five groups Equalizer
  4. Customizable preset
  5. 6 Colorful Themes
  6. Notification control
  7. Cool Spectrum
  8. 3 Widgets(1×1, 1×1, 2×2)

 Key Features:

?24 preset sound impacts

?Five groups Music Equalizer

?Presets Reverb impact

?Volume Boost

?Bass Boost impact

?Virtualizer impact

?Music perception Spectrum

?Quick to play music

?Home screen gadgets

?Bass booster for earphones

?12 excellent sensible subjects

Works with most Music and Video players. Basic Installation and use:

1. Impact for Music or Audio

  • Turn on the Bass Booster application and modify sound level and recurrence.
  • Put earphones for a superior outcome
  • To close the application and expel from Status Bar press the nearby catch of notice.

2. Impact for video

  • Just like impact for Music or Audio, change the sound level and recurrence, at that point, let it keep running out of sight.
  • You will show signs of improvement sound impact for video