How to Edit a PDF on Android Easily

The best thing about PDF format is that the format remains the same no matter from which device you view the PDF. However, it does not mean you cannot edit PDFs. In fact, many believe that we cannot edit a PDF on Android. But this is completely incorrect. If you use the right PDF editor tool, you can easily edit the text, images, and all other elements of the PDF. Therefore, this article provides a step-by-step guide on how to edit a PDF on Android using the best PDF editor app for Android. So, let’s get started!

Part 1. How to Edit a PDF on Android?

To edit a PDF on Android, you need to use a PDF editor tool that can edit the content of the PDF while preserving the formatting. Out of dozens of PDF editor tools available on the Play Store, UPDF stands out as Android’s most powerful and feature-rich PDF editing tool.

is an AI-driven, finest PDF editor app on Android. Its click-based user interface makes it simple to edit text, such as changing content, font, color, font size, etc. For images, it can replace, crop, rotate, extract, and delete them with one click. Furthermore, you can also add new texts and links and do plenty of other customizations.

Pros of UPDF

  • Simplest interface to edit PDFs
  • Add or edit the text in multiple fonts and colors
  • Add/replace/delete/rotate/extract/crop images
  • Add links
  • Annotate PDFs by highlighting, drawing, underlining, adding stickers/stamps, etc.
  • No learning curve
  • Errorless, super-fast performance
  • Cost-friendly subscription plan ($29.99/year; $45.99/perpetual)
  • AI add-on feature

In short, UPDF is a one-stop, complete  tool you need. Follow the below steps for editing PDFs on Android with UPDF:

Step 1. Download UPDF and Open the PDF

Download and launch UPDF on your Android device and open the PDF you want to edit.

Step 2. Launch the Editing Mode

Click the “Edit” icon from the top menu to enter the editing mode.

Step 3. Edit Selective Text on the PDF

Select the text you want to edit. From the pop-up window, click “Edit Text” and start editing the text.

Step 4. Edit Properties of the Text

If you want to change other text properties, such as color, font, or size, click “Edit Properties” and make the changes.

Step 5. Edit Images on the PDF

To edit images, select the image you want to edit. In the pop-up window, use the relevant option to copy, cut, delete, crop, or replace the image.

Step 6. Add New Images to the PDF

To add a new image, click the “image” icon from the top menu and choose from where you want to import the image. Afterward, adjust the imported image on the PDF.

That’s it! This way, a click-based interface of UPDF makes it super-easy to edit PDFs without any technicalities. So, download UPDF now and start editing your PDFs effortlessly.

Part 2. Is There Any Way You Can Edit PDFs on Android for Free?

No, there is no way you can edit PDFs on Android for Free. For editing PDFs, the editor tool has to detect complex formatting and preserve the formatting while editing the text, image, or other elements. This precise performance efficiency requires a specialized tool built by experienced developers after a long period of hard work. Therefore, no such Android edit PDF free tool exists on the Play Store.

If you still see some tools claiming to offer free PDF editing on Android, they will offer basic editing capabilities, like annotating and adding new text boxes. However, they will ask you for a paid subscription to access feature-rich PDF editing capabilities. In short, there is no such Android edit PDF free tool that offers full editing functionalities for free.

Part 3. Two Other Ways to Edit PDF on Android

Besides UPDF, there are two other ways to edit PDF on Android.

1. Edit PDFs on Android with Adobe Acrobat App

Adobe Acrobat is another reputed app to read and edit PDFs on Android. Follow the below steps to use the Adobe Acrobat app to edit PDFs on Android:

  1. Download and launch the Adobe Acrobat app on your Android device and sign in to your Adobe account.
  2. Click the “+” icon to open the PDF you want to edit.
  3. Click the “pencil” icon from the bottom and choose “Edit PDF”. Afterward, you can edit text and images on the PDF.

This way, you can use the Adobe Acrobat app to edit PDFs on Android.

However, there are a few cons of using Adobe Acrobat compared to UPDF, as follows:

  • Less intuitive interface
  • Costly subscription ($29.99/month)
  • Less seamless functionality

Overall, Adobe Acrobat can also edit PDFs, but UPDF provides a more robust, feature-rich, smooth, and cost-friendly editing experience.

2. Edit PDFs on Android with Adobe Acrobat Online

Besides the Android app, Adobe Acrobat also offers web-based PDF editing. All you need is a browser app to access Adobe Acrobat online PDF editor, as follows:

  1. Open the browser app and visit the Adobe PDF editor website.
  2. Click the “3 dots” menu icon from the top right corner and choose “Desktop Site” to view the website in desktop mode.
  3. Click “Select a file” and upload a PDF you want to edit.
  4. Sign in to your Adobe account.
  5. Use the toolbar buttons on the top to add text, highlight, reply to comments, or draw.
  6. Once done, click “Download” to save the edited PDF.

This way, you can do basic edits with PDFs using Adobe online PDF editor.

The major cons associated with this method include:

  • Lack of extensive PDF editing functionalities
  • Requires internet connectivity
  • Complications to upload and edit large-sized PDFs
  • Increases the sense of insecurity due to online editing

Adobe Acrobat online is recommended as an Android edit PDF free tool for basic edits like adding text, drawing, or highlighting. However, it is not suited for in-depth edits. For thorough editing, UPDF seems the perfect alternative.

Part 4. UPDF is More Than A PDF Editor for Android

By now, we have learned the feature-rich and intuitive PDF editing functionalities of UPDF. However, its capabilities do not stop here. UPDF has a lot more to offer, as follows:

  • Convert PDFs: It can convert PDFs to various other formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image, RTF, CSV, text, etc.
  • Compress PDFs: It can reduce the size of PDFs without compromising the quality.
  • UPDF AI: It provides a ChatGPT-powered AI assistant to chat with PDFs and get instant summaries, translations, explanations, and Q&As.
  • OCR PDFs: Its OCR technology can intelligently convert scanned PDFs into editable PDFs.
  • Batch PDFs: It can combine, convert, print, insert, and encrypt multiple PDFs simultaneously with the batch feature.
  • Create & Fill & Sign PDFs: It provides the easiest way to fill out forms and sign PDFs.
  • Organize PDF Pages: It can delete, add, rotate, crop, extract, split, and rearrange PDF pages.
  • Manage PDFs: It serves as a file manager, providing a central place to manage all documents.
  • Security: It can password-protect PDFs to avoid misuse.

All the above UPDF capabilities are accessible for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. In short, UPDF is an all-in-one PDF suite to fulfill all PDF-related needs. So, what are you waiting for? Download UPDF now and get 65% off UPDF PRO and its AI add-on.

Part 5. Conclusion

With the growing use of PDF documents, the need to edit PDF text and images is also increasing. Desktop provides a convenient way to edit PDFs, but you can also make edits from your Android device. This article has discussed in detail how to edit a PDF on Android using different PDF editor tools. However, UPDF is our favorite and recommended pick due to its extensive editing, annotating, and other functionalities under extremely cost-friendly rates. So, we will conclude the article by recommending you download UPDF and make edits effortlessly.