How to Customize Any Android Lock Screen

Your cell phone’s lock screen is something you utilize on many times every day, and whenever set up accurately, it’s a method to keep meddling companions, family, and associates — also would-be programmers — from snooping into your private data. With most Android cell phones, you can unlock by swiping, following an example over spots, or by contributing a PIN code or password. You can likewise select not to have a screen lock by any means, however that puts you in danger.

Is it true that you are stressed over uncovering your PIN while you unlock your telephone?
Using this amazing app you can Customize Your Android phone Lock Screen.


  •  Cool amazing style lock screen for your phone.
  • Support on all android phones.
  • Fully customisable lock screen.
  • Highly secure lock screen.
  • One of the best parallax impact Lock.
  • Customize sliding content.
How to Customize Any Android Lock Screen


  1. Customize backdrop for lock screen
  2. Unlock sound empower/cripple.
  3. Unlock vibration empower/cripple.
  4. ★12 hour and 24 hour group both upheld.
  5. 100% protected and secure Screen Lock-Time Password
  6. Choose your very own lock type

This application improve the security of your advanced cell, and shield your telephone information from unapproved use. Secure your telephone by enacting telephone screen lock and unlock utilizing time password. This Advanced Screen Lock Time Passcode application will create another time password with consistently. This dynamic time password and advance time password procedure encourages you to improve the security and make secure lock screen.

This Screen lock time password application and secure telephone lock screen application is the best screen locker for security of your advanced mobile phone. At the point when your telephone is locked and you need to unlock simply watch time on your telephone and enter the time password to unlock your telephone. On the off chance that you set the time password to 12 hours or 24 hours enter the time appropriately.