How to change battery percentage icon on android phone

How to change battery percentage icon on android phone?

On the off chance that you resemble us, you need to know precisely how much battery your Android cell phone or tablet has left. Lamentably, Android doesn’t show this data in the status bar, except if you set it to do this. Fortunately, the means included are not muddled. Peruse this guide and perceive how to have Android consistently show the battery rate in the status bar, on the top side of the screen.

As a matter of course, Android gadgets don’t show the level of the rest of the battery, on the status bar found on the top side of the screen. Rather, they show a symbol of the battery and the amount it is charged. This portrayal isn’t excessively valuable, as it doesn’t reveal to you precisely the amount of battery limit is accessible. Be that as it may, you can set Android to show the level of battery left, like the screen capture beneath. Contingent upon the Android form that you have, you can set the battery rate to be appeared in the battery symbol, or alongside it.

Here is how to change battery percentage icon on android phone?

Battery run is a battery meter overlay set on the highest point of your screen (and some other spot).

With Battery Dash you can see the present status of your battery, if is charging or the present level by a basic shading plan.


– Shows battery in an altogether different manners (rate, shading bars, under the status bar)

– An enormous number of subjects

– Shows the battery run over different applications

– Overlap over the status bar

– Notification control

– Levels control by choosing when is high, medium or low battery (in rate)

– Shows battery data in percent (%)

– Shows battery meter over different applications

– Support subjects for meter hues and foundations

– Control notice show/cover up

– Overlap over the statusbar

– [NEW!] Show meter on the lock screen with warning (Android 8.0 and later)


  • Pro run topics
  • Theme supporting by evolving hues (levels, charging, content)
  • Auto-cover up on fullscreen

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