How To Add Gesture Screen Lock On Android Phone

You set it a similar route as you do some other sort of screen lock—hold down a catch to record your gesture, shake or move your telephone anyway you need, and afterward discharge the catch. Next time you need to open your telephone, you simply need to imitate the development. There’s likewise a back-up PIN on the off chance that you overlook your gesture, which is probably going to happen to many individuals from the start.

Unlocking your telephone with a 3D gesture sounds quite cool in principle. You could utilize a wide range of expound hand gestures and arm developments as opposed to accomplishing something exhausting like entering a PIN or examining your unique mark.


Include/change/erase gesture

Imperceptible/strong/straightforward gesture hues

Gesture affectability

Single (one touch drawing) and various gesture strokes

Set letters, numbers, images, marks, anything as gesture secret word

Gesture Lock Screen is a one of a kind mark lock screen

Interloper Selfie:

Snaps a photograph of interloper who entered wrong gestures, PINs or fingerprints

Show interloper notice on unlock

Show date and time on gatecrasher photographs

Custom interloper wrong endeavors

View/open/change interloper selfie organizer

Gesture Lock Screen is an interloper selfie ready lock screen

Unique finger impression

Unique finger impression unlock is just accessible on Android gadget running Marshmallow or higher with a finger impression sensor.

Output unique mark to unlock

Output unique mark to change gesture or PIN

Output unique finger impression to kill locker

Stow away/Invisible unique finger impression symbol

Gesture Lock Screen is a protected unique finger impression lock screen

How To Add Gesture Screen Lock On Android Phone


Notices on lock screen are accessible for Android 4.3 and more current

Show new messages, missed calls, music player, caution and more notices on lock screen

Conceal touchy warning substance

Single/twofold tap warning to attract gesture to unlock and see subtleties

Swipe to evacuate notice

Custom warning foundation and content shading

Change warning’s size and position

Gesture Lock Screen is an exceptionally adjustable warning lock screen


1. Wallpaper

Pick backdrop from exhibition

Backdrop gestures: squeeze to zoom, twofold tap to zoom, drag to skillet

2. Screen thing supervisor

Natural WYSIWYG manager

Drag to move screen thing

Tap or twofold tap thing to show settings

Drag to move settings board

Rich date and time settings

Battery rate pointer

Custom lock/unlock/mistake sounds

11 keypad topics

3 unlock livelinesss

1s-24h lock delays

5-120s inertia break

Gesture Lock Screen is a profoundly adjustable DIY lock screen