Home Remodeling: The Benefits of Investing  in a Whole Home Remodel

It is an idea that your home will probably need remodeling every 15 – 20 years after its construction. Its fixtures may be out of style, even malfunctioning. That’s where house remodeling comes in. 

Remodeling a home involves making changes to its design and structure. It can include updating rooms, adding new spaces, or changing the layout to make it better.

However, while remodeling, you’re making a considerable investment with a price tag of around $100,000. So, here’s the burning question house owners have: Are there benefits to remodeling my home? 

In this blog, you’ll discover the advantages of remodeling your house. 

What Are the Benefits of Investing in Whole Home Remodeling?

A house remodel drastically changes your property’s look. You can remodel your house or rely on a Scottsdale home remodeling company. However, you should know the advantages of remodeling first. Here are the benefits of remodeling your home: 

Saves You Money

One of the biggest benefits of remodeling your home is cutting costs. You’ll spend less remodeling your home than buying a new property. You’ll spend as much as you’re comfortable with. 

On the lower end, remodeling an entire property can cost $20,000. Conversely, the median house price in the US is over $413,000. 

Here are the tips that can help cut remodeling costs:

  • Add an exhaust fan to your kitchen instead of expanding it. This will keep the air circulating in your kitchen without demolishing walls.
  • Opt for light fixtures instead of windows. You might prefer natural light, but installing a new window is much more expensive.
  • Replace fixtures that need to be repaired – especially if repair costs are high.
  • Get shower curtains instead of expensive materials like glass doors. Shower curtains are varied and inexpensive.
  • Paint a room before you make a big change. A color change is likely satisfactory.
  • Research what permits you’re required to remodel your home. You’ll save up on fines.
  • Reuse functional fixtures you were planning to throw away. For example, you’ve replaced your outdated kitchen sink. Now, you can place your sink in the new shed instead of buying one.

Increases Property Value

You’ll increase your home’s worth when you remodel it. Your property value rises every time you fix or repair a fixture. And so, you’ll have a better deal when you decide to sell your home. 

To exemplify this, think of a broken tub. Future buyers will demand a lower price if your bath leaks. After all, they’ll have to replace it anyway. However, if you had your whole bathroom remodeled, you could demand a higher price. 

Protects Your Family

By remodeling an older house, you can make it safer. With time, your home has inevitably gained some damage. For instance, you might have cracked tiles or broken stairs. The first is a cosmetic issue. However, the latter is a dangerous problem: Your family member could injure themselves. 

Additionally, you can install safer fixtures. For example, you could add ventilation to your art studio.  Also, you’ll avoid further damage to your home with remodeling. For instance, let’s say your roof leaks. And so, you’ll also have to deal with water damage in your attic. 

Plus, unaddressed roof leaks worsen water damage. And if you only repaired your roof, you’d still have water damage ― maybe even mold! However, remodeling your house will stop both problems immediately.

Improves Functionality

With time, you’ll have different needs. And a remodeled home will meet your requirements. For example, you’ve had an injury that affects your mobility. Now, going upstairs could be a big challenge for you. 

However, you can make your home accommodate your disability with a home remodeling. You’ll be able to move your room downstairs ― with all the bathroom plumbing. Or you’ll install mobility fixtures across the house to help you. 

Remodeling houses aren’t just for disabilities. Home remodeling can accommodate the following:

  • Family: You can add rooms to house additions to your household.
  • Pets: Your floors will be fitted to adjust for the type of pet you have. Alternatively, you’ll dedicate a room to your pet.
  • Hobbies: You’ll have a whole room designed for your amusement. For instance, you can have new plumbing installed for your pottery studio.
  • Style: You’ll get to pick fixtures that match your aesthetic.

Lowers Utility Costs

If your house is decades old, you might have elevated energy costs. Construction companies now build houses with better insulation. 

Additionally, new places have energy-efficient features. So remodeling your home gives you the chance to decrease your utility bill.

Increase Space

You can increase the areas you use in your home with remodeling. Specifically, you’ll use your basement, attic, and yard. These spaces can quickly be added to your main living areas. 

For example, you can transform your basement into a man cave or a studio. You could turn your attic into a bedroom  ― and even rent it out! As for your yard, you could attach a new structure to your home. You’ll get either a new room or an expanded one you already have.

As you’ve seen, remodeling your entire home brings many benefits. By remodeling your home, you’ll save money, reduce your utility bills, keep your family from the stress of moving to a new home, and adapt your home to your current needs. But more importantly, this is the opportunity to remodel your old home to protect your family.