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The Combat of Winterfell was once extraordinarily darkish, bloody, chilly and filled with useless guys with actually deficient dental hygiene. Our favourite Game of Thrones characters died, some rose from the useless to terrorize the residing as soon as once more and others slightly scraped thru with a final minute lend a hand from their pals.

We’ve recapped all the big moments of the episode, and now we have now tracked thru, frame-by-grimy-dark-frame, to rely up all of the kills and deaths shall we. What number of wights have been dispatched by means of main characters? How a lot time did they spend in fight? Who killed who and who was once the best warrior? There have been some transparent victors — prone to turn into the topic of sing-alongs in Westeros for future years — and there have been some sudden losers.

What follows is our Combat of Winterfell Field Rating, a breakdown of TV and movie’s longest (and darkest) fight in historical past as though it was once a big carrying tournament with a collection of analysts and information guys.

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[Note: I am just one man slowly scrolling through 77 minutes of prestige television so there’s bound to be some sort of error here. Please correct me!]

First, some regulations and a large ol’ caution.

Laws of engagement

  1. No dragons.

  2. Oblique kills do not rely.

The toughest, quickest rule we caught to when placing this in combination was once the speculation the dragons can be excluded. Drogon and Rhaegal have been, surely, the MVPs once they fight out of doors Winterfell’s gates, mowing down wights (and wight giants) very easily. We didn’t characteristic any in their kills to Dany or Jon, their riders, for the reason that dragons are the an identical of a online game hack. It is dishonest.

That still approach there are not any oblique kills considered. In the event that they have been, that may put slow-walker Melisandre proper up there with the most productive warriors at the battlefield as a result of her fireplace trench transfer was once a game-changer, combating the fortress from being overrun even faster. Then at the different facet of the ethical fence is the Evening King and his oblique kills by the use of sending wights to the slaughter or Vicerion blue-flaming issues to smithereens. A no-go zone.

We have been lovely liberal with a showed wight kill. So long as any individual stabbed a wight on display screen, we chalked it up as a zombie dying. There have been restricted occasions when it’s good to see a wight balk and reputedly hang their flooring, however we adore to think about the wounded because the damned and so, a kill was once awarded anyway.

We additionally don’t seem to be going to return at this from the unhealthy man’s facet, excluding for taking a look at two main villains: The Evening King and the large wight that breaks into Winterfell.

In the end, we counted what number of seconds each and every persona was once considering fight for — however simplest whilst they have been on-screen. On best of this, characters like Theon and Bran, within the godswood of Winterfell, weren’t engaged in fight all the time. Their inclusion within the fight was once simplest as soon as the godswood was once invaded. That allowed us to drag out how environment friendly each and every warrior was once by means of taking a look at their kills in step with minute (KPM) in response to how concerned they have been within the struggle.

When deciding who we needed to take into the massive recreation, the kills have been a very powerful deciding issue. Our main inspiration here’s the NBA, so we broke it down into the beginning 5, our bench gamers, who we would industry out and awarded one courageous soul the Combat of Winterfell MVP.

The beginning lineup

Choosing your beginning 5 for the Combat of Winterfell is a hard job, if simplest as a result of there are such a lot of warriors that experience proved themselves in fight sooner than. You’ve got warrior badasses like Lyanna Mormont up towards Samwell Tarly, a person who’s most probably a greater reader than fighter. You’ve got the recently-knighted Ser Brienne towards a person who can gentle his sword on fireplace by means of whispering to it, Beric Dondarrion.

And you have got Jaime Lannister, a person who has observed numerous time at the battlefield, up towards any individual like Arya Stark who, despite the fact that a skilled murderer, has 0 mins in giant video games.

There is not any larger recreation than the only the place you combat dying itself. How would that loss of enjoy display?

General quantity of kills (on-screen) on the Combat of Winterfell.  

Jackson Ryan/CNET

Having tallied the stats, Arya is a transparent winner of the fight and most likely probably the most brutal warrior in all of the realm. She leads the pack with 22 kills, nearly all of the ones coming in a scene atop the battlements, the place she makes use of the dual-blades that Gendry solid to dispatch wight after wight. After all, Arya’s measurement and pace are a bonus right here, however she’s additionally skilled with probably the most realm’s best possible warring parties: The Faceless Males, the Waif, Brienne and the Hound.

Arya lands the an identical of an NBA Finals recreation seven buzzer beater from part courtroom when she dispatches the Evening King whilst being choked to dying. It is a spherical 5, championship belt at the line KO. She comes thru within the largest second of all — and with probably the most kills within the episode — she is an absolute lock within the beginning 5.

Becoming a member of Arya is Theon frickin’ Greyjoy, a person who nearly single-handedly saved the wights from selecting Bran up from his wheelchair and wearing him out to the Giant Blue Unhealthy. At a a very powerful juncture within the fight, when nearly the entirety was once misplaced, Theon confirmed he had actual balls, doing away with 20 wights within the Godswood. He additionally, stupidly, charged on the Evening King along with his pike and neglected embarrassingly however for his braveness, he lands within the starters.

Rounding out our 5 is Jorah (19 kills), Tormund (17) and Ser Brienne of Tarth (16). Value bringing up right here that every one 3 of those characters have been on-screen for a far shorter period of time in fight than each Theon and Arya. All 3 had a some distance higher Kills In step with Minute (KPM), with Tormund main the best way. The person who suckled on the teat of a large was once in fight, on-screen, for lower than 60 seconds, however he controlled 17 kills in that point.

At the bench

While you search for any individual to return off the bench you wish to have a spark — any individual that may encourage the crew to push ahead whilst the main stars give it a relaxation. You are additionally searching for any individual that is not too “me, me, me” and desires to take all of the glory for themselves. A crew participant, if you’re going to.

Nobody equipped extra spark than Lyanna Mormont, slayer of giants.

Even if the little Endure Queen’s whole frame crumpled within the wight massive’s palm like Anderson Silva’s leg at UFC 168, she was once in a position to break out a valiant knife to the attention and collapse the mammoth walker as her ultimate act of defiance. Handiest in reality in fight for 58 seconds, her one kill is value 20 kills — are you able to believe the wear that enormous wight would have performed simply roaming in the course of the internal stay? She was once bravery personified from the instant we met her till her brutal, hobbling finish and that makes her first off the bench.

The full time each and every persona in Recreation of Thrones was once on-screen throughout the Combat of Winterfell from the instant the Dothraki horde input the darkish to the general blade within the Evening King’s stomach.

Jackson Ryan/CNET

Two of the extra green warring parties (and enthusiasts!), Podrick (nine kills, KPM 12) and Gendry (nine kills, KPM 13.eight) did not get numerous display screen time, however each time the fight got here to them, they delivered with nice potency. You’ll actually see the duo teaming as much as alternate tales in regards to the warfare, their girls and the truth that it is actually simple to confuse the 2 of them within the darkest TV fight ever filmed.

You have to hand it to Jaime Lannister, protecting Ser Brienne with a late-game lend a hand, a perfect KPM of seven.02 and 11 kills. Combating side-by-side with the affection of his existence, Jaime powered in the course of the Combat of Winterfell, saved Brienne from a widely-suspected dying and, when the wights actually driven deep into Winterfell, proved he is nonetheless were given it — all with one hand. A lock for our fourth bench spot.

The remaining bench spot is a difficult one, however we are going with The Hound. Regardless that his aversion to fireside and his hatred of nearly the entirety that exists can actually swing the tide of a fight, his appreciate for Arya approach he is coming off the bench with some actual warmth. Serving to him alongside is his 12 kills, however the Hound was once considered one of our least environment friendly warring parties (KPM 2.2), spending a excellent bite of the fight skulking in the course of the fortress or preventing a distinct warfare altogether — the only towards his personal demons.

Business ’em

Some warriors simply do not have compatibility right into a Championship profitable crew and, for them, it is value investigating some trades — who would have helped that wasn’t there on the Combat of Winterfell?

Fireplace sword or no, Beric’s output is restricted. Is he taking part in scared as a result of there is no Thoros of Myr to restore him? Most probably no longer. Beric will get numerous time to polish on-screen (three mins, 40 seconds) however a lot of this is spent within the bowels of the Fortress, seeking to protect and offer protection to Arya. His KPM is low consequently (1.17) and glance, this could be harsh on our man Beric, however we would like to have observed what Yohn Royce may have performed in fight.

Dividing the kills/time on-screen, we get Kills In step with Minute (KPM). How successfully was once each and every persona’s time used? Tormund was once the transparent victor, nearly simplest showing when he was once slaying wights.  

Jackson Ryan/CNET

Samwell Tarly, even with 4 valiant kills, will be the crew water boy. Did you notice him simply sitting all the way down to cry on the finish? What are you doing Sam?! There may be nonetheless time left at the clock and you are cradling your self. Get within the recreation. We would relatively see Scorching Pie throw pastries than this.

Ghost, we are not certain the place you went or what you accomplished at the frontlines, however we’d industry you for Nymeria and her pack in a heartbeat.

Bran simply spent the entire recreation on his galaxy-brain-iPhone gazing reruns of Lost’s disappointing finale, so the earlier we industry him out, the simpler. There may be any other warfare but to return and now that Bran is nearly probably the most tough magician on the earth, what’s he excellent for? Completely not anything. Business him for a unmarried hen and feed it to the Hound.

A brief word on wight numbers


Those are the forms of frames we have been running with right here.


The wights do numerous injury on this episode, there is a handful of cases the place they rating direct kills at the residing (however no main characters) and their numbers are in reality baffling. All over the primary stumble upon once they rate the Unsullied in a tidal wave, there seems to be round 12 wights throughout 4 Unsullied. Extrapolating, let’s simply say there are 3 wights for each and every Unsullied, which turns out like a beautiful conservative estimate. 

From a number of early scenes, we will be able to see all the Unsullied squadron. There are 10 by means of 10 squadrons and a pair of squadrons in the back of each and every trebuchet, so 200 males in step with trebuchet. There are 11 trebuchets around the frontline which can also be observed when Dany and Jon omit the fight, so 2,200 males on the fight’s edge. We additionally see that the Unsullied squadrons are four deep. So 2,200 × five = 11,000. 

A conservative estimate of wights invading would then put the overall (at the entrance traces and no longer together with those who assault the flanks) at 11,000 × three = 33,000, equipped the wight density stays the similar way back to the Unsullied. Seeing as they get overrun, we are OK making that assumption, and are keen to decide to the concept 100 thousand wights invaded Winterfell at the Lengthy Evening.

Excellent odds of victory, then.

Mom of Defeat

We wish to speak about Daenerys Targaryen. The Mom of Dragons installed an all-time worst efficiency on the Combat of Winterfell and nearly were given herself killed within the procedure. If no longer for the valiant efforts of Jorah Mormont, Dany can be long gone and Cersei can be knocking again any other wine with a Cheshire Cat smile.

Dany’s reeling on this episode as a result of she’s simplest simply discovered that Jon is in fact her nephew. Unhappy trombone. She’s taking part in distracted. She’s were given different issues to care for, just like the unintended incest. Not like Michael Jordan’s notorious “flu recreation”, Dany can not kick what is consuming her up inside of. She’s the Anti-Michael.


Grim occasions abound for Dany.

Helen Sloan/HBO

First, she screws up lighting fixtures the ditch as a result of she will get blinded by means of an ice cloud and does not assume to… simply descend a bit? Her subsequent error is letting Drogon sunbathe at the battlefield see you later the wights can move slowly all over the place him like he is a pie at a picnic, taking nasty bites out of his dragon pores and skin. Dany nearly kills Drogon as a result of she is watching Jon working off into the fortress? Dany. Raise.

And her maximum idiotic transfer, similar to J.R. Smith in Recreation 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals, is making an attempt to burn the Evening King alive. Any individual assume to inform her that, hello, he does not burn? If it was once that straightforward Dany, we’d have flown North and had a crack with out risking all the inhabitants of Winterfell.

Her twin lend a hand as Jorah was once getting crushed does not do the rest to sway our opinion, despite the fact that it’s valiant. She makes a unmarried kill in melee battle however spends numerous time on Drogon, placing her private KPM at zero.15, the bottom of all. She sought after to combat, she simply made numerous unhealthy choices.

She’s an enormous asset to the crew, however this was once her worst on flooring efficiency in a very powerful fight within the historical past of guy.

The Combat of Winterfell MVP


Arya Stark: One-time MVP.

Helen Sloan/HBO

Glance, there may be an evident case to be made for Arya Stark who, regardless of having the fourth worst potency of the lengthy night time, was once nonetheless among the finest killer and one of the crucial key keys to victory.

So we’re going to make it.

Arya Stark’s lunge on the Evening King is a poster-dunk for the top delusion crowd.

It is a 5th spherical KO by means of Showtime Kick.

It is a triple-overtime heave from part courtroom within the Championship Recreation.

The whole thing that Game of Thrones have been development towards, the entirety the Combat of Winterfell have been development towards was once made conceivable by means of this one second. Who else however Arya may be the MVP?

There, most likely, may be a case to be made for Melisandre — who confirmed up on the remaining conceivable second to offer some type of hope, courtesy of the mysterious Lord of Gentle. Recalling her prophecy to Arya sparks the girl of Winterfell into motion when all gave the impression misplaced. That was once Melisandre’s doing, however the nous, the smarts, the cleverness, the foresight to make use of the sneaky dropped dagger trick places Arya on best.

Tormund, you are saying? Glance, we will be able to’t argue with that common sense. The person with the most productive KPM and the large’s milk ceaselessly in his stomach may be a worthy MVP candidate and arguably contender for MVP of the season.

He should accept Maximum Progressed. Melisandre could have our Trainer of the 12 months award.

After the warfare

A couple of post-war liner notes:

  • The dragons killed hundreds of wights — together with a large wight that were given torched by means of Drogon about midway in the course of the fight. At a number of issues, we went frame-by-frame counting the wights that have been in direct line of fireplace. It was once a role for any individual with extra psychological fortitude (or perhaps device finding out talents) than us. Let’s simply say: It was once a foul day for the undead.
  • The wights claimed Edd, Beric, Jorah and 99 % of the Dothraki horde. 4 major persona kills is lovely excellent.
  • Edd was once within the episode for 16 seconds sooner than being struck down by means of a wight. Gendry lasted longer, we are hoping.
  • The Dothraki horde had a greater appearing, and have been provide for nearly two mins. They have got 0 showed kills, however undoubtedly they’d some small victories out of doors Winterfell?
  • Alys Karstark was once within the assembly within the remaining episode and observed early on this one subsequent to Theon. She wasn’t observed once more. Is she useless?
  • The crypts weren’t secure as many predicted however I think short-changed. I sought after to look Headless Eddard.
  • Davos did a fantastic activity of keeping off any form of struggle by any means but additionally giving glorious, stern appears to many of us. If appears may kill, he’d were MVP.
  • We didn’t see Yohn Royce anyplace. The place was once he intended to be?
  • I’ve been knowledgeable Gray Bug is 2 phrases. I used to be flawed.

In the beginning posted April 30, five.22 p.m. PT
Up to date Might 1, 12:50 a.m. PT: Up to date liner notes, MVP readability

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