Are You Injured In A “T-Bone” Or Side Impact Collision Accident?

Around 25 percent of all car accidents are side impact crashes, often called “T-bone” accidents. These accidents have been known to cause severe injuries, sometimes even death. Comparing such circumstances to other vehicle accident claims, it is unfortunate to say that they tend to be more complex. If you struggle to pay medical bills, reduced or loss of wages, and want compensation, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. 

What should you do if you are injured in a “T-Bone” or side impact collision?

T-bone collisions occur when two vehicles hit perpendicularly, producing a “T” shape. The car being struck does not have a lot of metal or interiors between it and the other vehicle, unlike head-on or rear-end accidents. Such incidents can be highly catastrophic because there is barely any distance between the other car and the occupants when struck by either the driver’s or the passenger’s door. In reality, many severe injuries are brought on by the hitting vehicle entering the other car’s passenger zone. For this reason, side impact incidents often end in damaged limbs. 

Head injuries are also possible in side impact accidents, especially if one vehicle is significantly taller than the other vehicle. The bumper of an SUV or pickup that comes into contact with an undersized sedan may be at precisely the same height as the headrests of either the driver or the passenger in the other vehicle.  

How do T-Bone accidents occur?

Side impact accidents are common in intersections where one car runs a stop sign or lighting. However, they can happen on the road when a driver loses control of his vehicle and slides into another one. In addition, they usually occur in parking lots while vehicles are backed out of a spot. 

Although it may be clear who caused the accident, you must provide proof. Put differently, you must show that the other motorist ran a red light or another event caused the collision. This is often more complicated than most people expect, but a decent auto accident lawyer will know how to gather the necessary proof. 

You will need to provide evidence, even if it may be obvious who was responsible for the accident. Another way you must show that the other driver ran a red light or that another event caused the collision. This is often more challenging than most people anticipate, but a Waldorf auto accident lawyer will know how to assemble the necessary proof.